His and Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society is an article published on Metropolis magazine which is written by Suzanne Tick in March of 2015. She is the creative director for Teknion Textiles and also the United States’ number one leading textiles designer.  In this article she argues for gender neutrality in the workplace.

The article opens up talking about how society’s roles of traditional females and males are changing. This is mostly due to the advancements of science and technology. She begans to address how designers should be on the lookout for advancement too, in order to accommodate these cultural changes in order to promote acceptance as society has.

We address how feminism is now making its way into this once male dominant society. For many years males have always been dominated in power, certain job fields and in top offices, with the example being that eighty-five percent of IT and web design being male.

Emma Watson’s “He for She” movement speech has went viral causing a lot of support for gender equality. Currently, gender roles have been altered in the workplace as women become more important. With all of this taking place, the actual designs of places have become a lot softer creating a gender neutral working environment with open windows, carpet and textiles.

She talks about how gender roles have been switched and that fashion and beauty were the first to embrace this change by some making products like makeup more appealing for men, and women’s coats getting a masculine, militia cut. She then goes on to discuss the confusion of gender roles in today’s society. Which I believe was inevitable.  Nothing is solely for women or for men these days. Especially given the fact that now we have children who oppose to being identified by either male or female at school, but rather just an individual.

We also discuss the recent changes in corporations in adopting gender-neutral atmospheres such us workplaces and not to mention bathrooms, which seems to be a great deal debate. The idea is to grow with society’s advancements allowing everyone to feel a sense of inclusion and acceptance all while feeling comfortable in their work environments or in any places open to the public.

She then speaks about how girls are dressed like boys and boys dressed like girls and how adrogony is truly taking place in today’s society. People have the opportunity to be whatever and play whatever roles they want to these days and how schools and fashion designers have become accepting of these things in ways of creating multistall restrooms and creating clothing designs that fits individuals and not just females or males.

Tick then discusses the trans CEO of United Therapeutics, who is the highest paid female executive in the United States, who was biologically born male. This goes to show how things has made a tremendous turn around and this is only the beginning.As we made advancements in our society,we must stay alert and ahead with our design to help implement change.